CurriculumAt Apley Wood Primary School we are serious about giving every young person and their families the opportunity to achieve and follow their aspirations for life. To do this we have a strong ethos of hard work coupled with fun and engaging learning opportunities. We have strong links with our local community and operate an open door policy inviting the school community and external visitors into our school frequently.
We firmly believe that providing an engaging, creative and stimulating curriculum has a positive effect on the children’s motivations, aspirations and achievements across all curriculum areas. We strive to enhance our curriculum with a wide range of enrichment activities. The school promotes ‘Building Learning Power’ which focuses on the key elements of resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and reciprocity in everything we do. As such, children are encouraged to take risks and try new things, taught to listen and work as part of a team and understand the importance of their learning.
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Feedback & Marking
Pupil feedback makes the biggest possible difference in supporting learning and helping children make the best possible progress. This comes in a variety of forms from verbal feedback, pupil self-assessment and feedback in marking. At Apley Wood we are proud of the way we have developed a culture of feedback in marking. We provide children with opportunities to address misconceptions (‘Close the Gap’ tasks), offering them extension tasks (which can be in the form of ‘Convince me..’ statements and next steps.
We encourage excellence in everything we do and this includes handwriting. The children are taught a pre-cursive style of handwriting in reception and year 1. By year 2 we expect the majority of children to be writing in a cursive handwriting style. If a child produces consistently good handwriting in all books then we will quickly move them on to writing in pen.